Inktober 2018 thus far...

General / 09 October 2018

Frazetta Museum

General / 14 July 2018

Oh man, finally got to see the Frazetta Museum after like forever.  I composed myself well in there, talking to Frank's grandson, William, with Frank Jr like 20 feet away. I didn't get much time to take everything in, so I took pictures of everything.

Now that I've left I'm  so geeking out over it and want to go back when I can really stop and take it all in.  Though I admit seeing Frank's life more intimately makes me really miss his presence and unfortunate that I never got to meet him.

Art Commissions (all originals, no copies)

General / 21 June 2018

I draw various themes, be it horror, science fiction, action, etc. Everything is done in pencil on card stock. Average sizes range from 8 1/2" by 11" up to 11" by 17". I may be able to do bigger but that might cost more, which we could negotiate. For now I'm looking at a firm fee of $50.

I don't usually color my work, though I may, which can be negotiated.

Digital work is currently unavailable until such a time that I could get my PC repaired.

So originals would be mailed out in a bubble envelope with the image encased in a plastic sleeve and cardboard.

Examples of my art can be found at  Check back every so often as I will update it.

Thank you and have an awesome day!